Transcription Services

Transcription Services

We accept audio recordings in the following formats: Analogue mini cassette and digitally recorded in the formats MP3, WAV, DSS, VOB and WMA. When posting mini cassettes, CDs and DVDs, your items will be returned free Second Class (all included in the rate charged).

When sending digitally recorded files there is no charge and recordings can be securely and conveniently uploaded here via SendThisFile. This method is convenient to everyone as even the largest and most memory-hungry of files arrive immediately – and you’ll save on time and postage costs.

Once your files arrive, this is where EasyVirtualAssistance take over. Your audio recording will be transcribed quickly and expertly before being saved to a Word document. We can use a template of your choice or record it into our own tried and tested layout e.g. for focus groups, etc. the moderator input will be emboldened for highlighting purposes.

We include time stamping of word guesses or inaudible content. This will enable your project’s participants to recap the audio content and make any required changes.

Word guesses and inaudibles will be kept to an absolute minimum – as we always do our best to comprehend and record. All content will be spell-checked and grammar-checked. At EasyVirtualAssistance we pride ourselves on the quick and efficient production of high quality and high integrity text. Please see our testimonials page for comments from happy customers!

Your transcript will be emailed or posted upon completion. We are extremely flexible and at any point, you can specify your own particular requirements such as double spacing of lines in the final document, or you may want us to destroy the supplied CDs / DVDs rather than returning them by post. If you require any subsequent amendments, we will store your media / digital files for 1 month – prior to permanent deletion.

EasyVirtualAssistance’s transcription rates are based on several factors, e.g. to transcribe a focus group interview with several participants will be more expensive than a clear, one to one interview where both projects require proofreading.

Please note additional discounts are available for transcription projects containing more than 30 recorded hours.

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Single Speaker Dictation

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One to One Interviews

from £0.85

Focus Groups

from £1.00